Aussie Basketball USA Database

This annual subscription to the Aussie Basketball USA Database will give you access to the No. 1 Scouting and Recruiting Database out of Australia with only the most elite players nationwide which will certainly be beneficial for both you and your program. Aussie Basketball USA are experienced and well acquainted with the college system in the USA as you can read below with two short bios.

We are ready to guide and provide an incentive for your program with our wonderful talent from our elite programs and ALL-STAR scouting group based in Australia. Our Diamond package of course is the leading source of information and includes;

  • A user-name and password to access database for all USA Coaches
  • Weekly reports and updates on the leading elite players in the country through instant message WhatsApp
  • A Nation-wide individual analysis of each college prospect beyond demographic information and ranking
  • Provide sample reports to institutions
  • Access links to see highlight and film footage of each player

I know we are on different time zones but I will almost always respond within 24 - 48 hours via instant message, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook or email.

Take advantage of this great offer at the price of US$990 and we can start the ball bouncing in favour of building your program with a spice of Aussie Elite Talent.

Looking forward to consulting with you!

Aussie Basketball USA Player Database